Thursday, December 21, 2006

All I Want For Christmas...

...Is a camera, some money stuffed in a sock, and maybe a noose to hang myself. While wading through the boring mud of *shudder* economizing my life, I am realizing that all the stuff I want is pathetically out of my reach at this point. I was going to buy myself a nice digital camera as a Christmas gift…now I’m diverting that $300 to my blow off valve.

Now for some uplifting news: exhaust came in yesterday(fast shipping!) and apparently looks as sexy as the picture. Might have to wait until after Christmas to send out the harness to McKinney, but by then will have the money to purchase the driveshaft at the same time and hopefully get a deal. Get a paid half day off tomorrow from the Job so I can go home early and work on the initial intstall.

Timeline, sort of:
1. Initial Test Fit - Install motor/tranny with mount kit and new bracket. Will need to pound back firewall.
2. Engine Bay Paint Job – remove motor and send to Rob for paint.
3. New Clutch – Remove tranny and old clutch and reattach with new clutch.
4. Install Timing Belt and any other belts necessary, put on BOV.
5. Re-intall – Put the motor/tranny back in, replace all worn or cut hoses, reattach wiring harness, install drive shaft, hook up Power FC.
6. Install Radiator, fuel pump, and exhaust. Relocate battery
7. Install Intercooler and downpipe and make piping fit.
8. Put on new Wheels/tires.
9. Tune, hook up Boost Controller, turbo timer.
10. 6 point roll cage, body kit, paint…cosmetic stuff.

Yes, there you have it kids, the easy 10 step program to your very own RWD Skyline, complete with migraines and empty bank account.


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