Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Clutches, Loans, and Lots of Shiny Silver Paint

Soooo...the test fit went fine, other than the minor detail of the 26 pan hitting the stock sway bar there were no major problems. Had to modify the mounts slightly to get a perfect fit but lo, she sat, and I forgot to take a damn picture. So about that sway bar, I should just be happy Justin made me keep that cut up 25 pan around. It will have to fit now, dammnit I'll make the fucker fit! Paint guy is MIA so I have been scoping some alternatives, problem is they'll have to come to the car.
I actually did get a camera as a gift for Christmas, and as for that sock full of money, well the loan I was approved for will just have to do for now. Hell, I should start making better materialistic requests in my blog, enough with the kiddie shit: all I want for my birthday is a McMansion on the beach in Malibu with an R34 parked out front...and fill that inground pool with gold coins. Yeah, yeeeeeaaaaaaahhh.
The Spec clutch in-decision is sort of getting on my nerves. I can't afford the Exedy twin plate clutch ($1300) and it seems like I'm stuck with Spec. Yes Spec, the company who makes a "Stage 5" clutch for the RB26DETT with a whopping torque capacity of 650 ft.lbs. WTF?? My grandma puts out 650 raking leaves! What is with their pussy numbers? I'm wobbling between the "Stage 3+" and the afformentioned "5," since the 3+ would be easier to drive and might be enough at 560 ft.lbs. Do I trust Spec's torque ratings? No. However, I don't have much of a choice if I want to spend under a grand.


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