Monday, May 07, 2007

Jesus H. Christ

Spec is out because they don't offer a RB26 flywheel and couldn't get me my Stage 3+ until JUNE 1st! So proceed to Exedy where I ordered a twin plate clutch with lightweight flywheel package for $1280. I can only rationalize this purchase by convincing myself that this thing will last me more than 2 years, and could handle a large turbo upgrade. Figure I would have spent this much anyway with Spec if their non-existant flywheel ran me $400. Plus the Exedy can handle a lot more power (~700hp), however I'm thinking it's going to suck to drive!

I am relieved how this turned out, though. The whole reason it took so long to order from Spec was because I was concerned about their numbers, and I didn't want my $800 clutch to slip at the track. Even if it worked fine with the stock set-up, if I were to upgrade anytime soon that would mean a whole new clutch! So now I can rest assured that this puppy will carry me through any upgrade I could afford in the near future.

Ugh, there goes my paint job.

New project cost total: $16,732


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