Tuesday, May 15, 2007


So I found a great parts website today from someone on the Nicoclub forums called Nismo Parts, unfortunately a day too late. They sell N1 pumps for more than $100 less than I paid at RHDJAPAN. Plus their shipping is cheaper for me because they are in the United States. Bummer, but I still got a decent price from RHD, about $200 less than anywhere else selling the N1's. Plus Nismo Parts does not carry the Tomei Baffle or oil restrictor.

But all that doesn't really matter, here's the important part: Nismo Parts carries OEM replacement parts for JDM vehicles. They actually sold me a Nissan OEM Timing Belt for $30!! Plus they had the OEM idler pulley and tensioner. All three things shipped 2 day air came to $105.51. I am so friggin glad I didn't give up and hand out $130 (minimum) for a Greddy Belt.

New Project Total: $17,702.28


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