Monday, October 22, 2007

So the McKinney Motorsports stuff finally came in, driveshaft and harness. Also in - a universal data logger that makes my car tunable on a laptop instead of relying on the Power FC controller. This will cut my dyno time in half, well worth the $150 I put in for it. Another piece of fantastic news – I am being gifted a 4 corner barely used Tein pillowtop coilover adjustable suspension. This is saving me at least $1000. Next weekend is going to be hectic, so hope to work on the car in 2 weeks.

So for the weekend of November 3, I need to:

  • Install new belt tensioner
  • Re-hang belt
  • Drill out those damn drain holes in the oil pan
  • Install the Tomei baffle
  • Clean, seal and bolt up the pan
  • Install that insane clutch
  • Bolt up the tranny

After that we will decide if we are using that oil restrictor I bought. Then we can throw on the new harness and drop her into place.
Next in line is ordering my downpipe and intercooler piping and couplings, I’m trying for aluminum, but I’ll have to see what the cost is compared to stainless first. Also need to order the filters for the AFM’s and install those to see how much room is left for other goodies. Need to order all the other electronics like boost controller, turbo timer, and gages, as well as whatever radiator we can fit in there.
Wheels shouldn't be this hard to choose. I don't really care all that much about what wheels I get except for their weight. I am going for the lightest 17" wheel I can afford, which is $700 max for a set. I found a sale on Tenzo DC-6, 17x7 gunmetal matte for $670 which is a great price, but I couldn't commit and the deal has expired. These wheels are great because they weigh 17.8 lbs each, and they look pretty damn good. I'm being a cheap-ass on wheels because my tires are going to kill me. At the very least $120 per tire, even with my hook-ups. I'm probably going to wait until Jan. 1 to shop hardcore for wheels to take advantage of the post Christmas sales. Hopefully more good news soon to come!


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