Monday, December 10, 2007


Clutch is on, harness is, well, anyway the clutch is on! The harness is on as well as it can be for now. Now I need to resolve the power steering pump issue that every RB26 swapper has to deal with. The RB26 power steering pump doesn't work with the 240 chassis, but the RB25 one does. However, to use the RB25 pump on the RB26 block one must also locate an RB25 crank pulley so that the belt lines up, and you also need a special belt. The RB25 pulley is also beneficial because it is more compact than the 26, so it frees up more room for your radiator and fans. I will be ordering a super slim electric fan shortly after the motor gets in and we have definite measurement of space.

The whole enchilada:


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