Monday, December 31, 2007

To Pump or Not to Pump

God damn I am getting to be a corny bastard. So I located a RB25 power steering pump and pulley from a very nice young man named Seth, but being the difficult woman that I am, I decided to modify the pump that came on the engine. The 240 lines actually line up pretty well, just need to turn one fitting around. The pump was cake to modify, just take off the back plate, remove the 9 (I think) little rectangular metal pieces (fins), bolt the plate back on, take out the bottom banjo bolt (the one farthest from the fins you just removed), and plug the resulting hole with a M6 x 1.5 course thread bolt. Done. I would have taken pictures, but I am notoriously lazy. We'll see if all this has been worth it when my radiator and fans get in.

Happy New Year!!


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