Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm Not Obsessed

The paint on the engine bay looks pretty good, much better than it did before anyway.

Some interesting news on the oil pan/sway bar issue. McKinney Motorsports does not recommend cutting the RB26 oil pan to accommodate the stock 240 front sway bar. They say that doing this is risky because it diminishes the effectiveness of the oil pan design. By installing a Nissan Stagea front sway bar, the RB26 pan would not have to be notched. Also according to them, the use of a modified RB25 pan works perfectly fine with no adverse effect based on oil capacity. I am choosing to use the RB26 pan for durability and capacity concerns. I think of it as a 25 lb. trade off to protect my investment. Since Justin has already removed the diff and welded the holes shut the pan is ready to go with no further modification. Not sure yet where the hell I am going to get a Stagea sway bar since it is a JDM vehicle.
Harness and driveshaft will be ordered today, clutch later this week. It’s still a toss up between a Spec Stage 3+ or Stage 5 assembly. Not sure I’d want the Stage 5 if it will be a giant pain in the ass to drive, but concerned the 3+ won’t be strong enough. Also ordering an intercooler this week, need to decide on size.

*Got a great set of used Zenki sideskirts (very hard to find in good shape) from Kendal Smith in Canada. He's a fair guy and delivery of the skirts took under a week! He deals in 240sx parts so email him with an inquiry and chances are he'll have what you need [kendalsmith4@hotmail.com].

New Costs:

  • Driveshaft - $500 shipped
  • Zenki Sideskirts - $220 shipped
  • Apexi Exhaust - $480 shipped
  • Wiring Harness - $200 (other half was gift)
  • Clutch - $800? (hoping to get discount since ordering via DMS)
  • Paint - $200

Old Costs:

  • 1995 Nissan 240SX - $2200
  • shipment of 240SX - $375
  • repairs to 240SX - $1431
  • 1997 R33 RB26DETT engine, wiring harness, ecu and AWD tranny-$5000
  • Brand new Apexi Power FC with controller - $1020
  • Rear bumper cover 240sx - $175
  • RB25DET RWD tranny + oil pan from japan - $2775!! (with shipping and customs costs)
  • RB26DETT mount kit for 240sx - $625
  • S15 projector headlights - $380 (never recieved, bastards)
  • R32 taillights - $90 (probably going to become ebay special)
  • Wiring Diagram Manual RB26DETT - $50
  • Stock RB26 Air Flow Meters - $200
  • Stock Rb26 AFM connectors - FREE! (Thanks Andrea!)
  • The wrong connectors - $130!!!


  • KA24DE - $600
  • One of the wrong connectors -$50
New Total: $15,401 (not including clutch)

Thursday, March 01, 2007

More Shiny Silver Paint

Justin found out that one of his recent customers did the excellent paint job on another customers car, and so asked him about my engine bay job. Guy said he'll do it for $200 and one container of the silver base. SOLD!! So no metallic in the engine bay, just silver base and clear, fine by me! Planning on it getting done sometime next week.