Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I Haven't Been This Pissed Off In A While

...in fact it might be a new record. After the install debacle that occurred two weeks ago, it became clear that the current mods to the 26 pan are not enough to clear the stock 240 cross-member. This was quite unexpected, considering I have the McKinney mount kit installed.
I emailed them my issue and Mack said he would send me new isolator and specific instructions on how to mod the 26 pan. He also told me that the kit was intended for use with the 25 oil pan, and that it is "advertised" as such. That's funny, that information is nowhere on their website or the instructions that came with the kit. All of this leaves me to wonder why the hell they failed to mention any of this on any one of the phone calls I made to their shop discussing oil pan options and fitment issues. Not once did they mention that I would need additional spacers on the mounts to accomodate the stock pan, even as they were advising me to use the 26 pan instead of the 25 pan.
I am very aware that nothing goes easy in a swap like this, hell I've been trying to finish it for almost 5 years now and I don't often rage about having to do things twice or thrice. However, when I pay that much for what amounts to a rubber bushing, a couple screws and some welded steel I expect it to work. That's all, just fucking work.

All in all I would not recommend anyone else who wants to keep the stock 26 pan to purchase the McKinney kit. I am not an isolated incident, there are many others on Nico forums who discuss how much they had to mod their pan which includes shaving off the heat dissipating webbing on the bottom.

So now that my engine install is on hold until I can shave off every inch of the diff and this webbing, I have time to think about how much this whole incident is pissing me off. It cannot be described how disapointing and frustrating it is when you think you've covered all your bases and your engine is halfway in your car and BOOM, take that shit back out because you have to change something else. At that point I made up my mind I would sell this whole thing to the first shmuck to hand me $15k.

I am still considering selling, but now I want to stick it to...I'm not really sure, one of the many that has held this project back. I am lucky that my pissed off-ness tends to motivate me.

Oil pan mods, round 2, begins this weekend. Stay tuned...