Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy New Gears!

After I took delivery of the new belt and tensioner accessories, Justin and I attempted to hang the belt. Unfortunately neither of us took a close look at the condition of the crank timing gear that we wedged off last month to get to the oil pump. There were tiny, ragged chips in some of the teeth. We agreed that these sharp edges could potentially shred parts of the timing belt, so I set out to find a replacement gear. Two weeks after the initial search I still had nothing. I emailed every supplier I had previously dealt with, and a few that were recommended on Nicoforums, but didn't get any response I called Nismoparts and they said they would "check their warehouse", but I never got a call back after that. Finally I did what I should have done first, emailed Japanparts (previously found me the mount bracket) and what do you know-three days later had an email back saying the parts had been added to their website.

Total cost for the gear, and the two metal plates came to $109 with shipping and handling fees. So now I am waiting for delivery on that, and it could be up to a month! We did manage to get my oil and water pumps on the block, and I cleaned out the oil pan and rechecked for weld leaks. The Tomei oil pan baffle is extremely easy to install, and came with all the screws. The baffle works by confining the oil to a smaller area in the pan reservoir thus keeping the liquid level higher and preventing air from entering the lines. The only difficulty with that is you need to drill out the tiny drain holes on the top surface to a wider diameter to increase flow into the sump. Unfortunately, since the directions included are in japanese, you need to figure out the size yourself. I didn't have time to drill out the holes and install the plates, but hereis a pic of the product.

The oil pan appears to still be water tight, even after sitting around for a year-good sign. The pic of the pan shows the small pinholes that drain oil from the top deck of the pan down into the reservoir/sump.

Also the correct clutch finally came in.

So after I get this gear, things should proceed very smoothly with prepping the engine for install.
I still need:
  • FMIC (going with a Spearco)

  • Tires ($600 max)

  • Turbo timer

  • Gauges (oil pressure, boost)

  • Downpipe, IC piping (courtesy of Justin)

  • Fuel Pump (Walbro)

  • I know I'm forgetting something but fuck it for now

New project total : $17811.28

**edit: forgot BOV and boost controller, I'm going with a single, probably the super sequential BOV, and either 1 manual boost controller or 2, not sure how that will work out.