Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Progress Is Like Sweet Sweet Wine...

The mount issues are solved for now. The black driver's side bushing McKinney sent with the yellow one is completely unreinforced. It is just a piece of molded, stretchy plastic. So when we tried to tighten down the bolts it just compressed and started squeezing out the sides of the washers. To solve we hammered in a steel insert into the hole of the bushing. Now the nut tightens down no problem, and with no squishing. Sent those giant bolts through the frame, and watched as the frame compressed when we tightened down the bolts. So on top of everything else, the kit should have come with a spacer to brace the frame legs to prevent distortion. Whatever, it's done, I'll stop getting pissed now.

Powdercoating came out pretty nice. I am pretty disapointed with the coil cover, he didn't put enough red on it and it has a pink tint in the center. Lucky for him I'm getting a plate badge that will cover the imperfection, otherwise he'd be doing it over. Everthing is back on and looks nice but I still have so much crap to buy, at least another grands worth.

Ran the battery wire to the trunk, relocated the climate control on the dash to make room for gauges, cleaned up my wiper arms, got the throttle cable hooked up (needs very little modification). Justin helped me install the driveshaft and it looks like it fits so I'm happy for now. Wheels should be mounted this week so I can finally install the suspension.